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The suggestion box where you can add your own suggestions for art materials and mediums to be tried, tested and video-taped!

The cheap alternative to framing inexpensive copies… also how to cut foamboard with sharp edges.

I’ve been trying my hand at a slightly different technique lately, and I’m kinda stoked.

Here’s the sped-up process video.

I’ve included links underneath to all the materials I used, so you can check those out too.

I’ve been experimenting with my colour process thanks to a random question by Kelly McKernan. I’ve started rendering in graphite, so I’ve been trying out some of my blending stomps and powdered graphite to see which will give me the results that I’m looking for. This is the “materials test” video – I’m working on […]

So there’s this really super fun cheap stuff called bleeding tissue paper.

It’s filled with juicy dyes that spread all over the place when you add water.

(They’re super cheap though – so really, really NOT archival.)

    This is a video that’s growing in popularity on my channel, so I thought I’d share it on the website too for those interested. Apparently, mixing the cold wax with a bit of Liquin by Winsor Newton (quick dry alkyd resin for oils), will help the cold wax “cure” and set up hard […]

I made probably 80 tests over a period of 2 weeks with the Lumi Inkodye. I think I did EVERYTHING wrong that is possible to go wrong… but in doing that – I figured out how to get it done RIGHT. This is a collection of a few of the tests that worked out better […]

Kelly Everill creates environments and faux finishes with traditional painting and airbrush techniques. Also etching and chalkboard drawings and signs.

Expand beyond canvas and explore the variety of supports and grounds available for your artist expression.