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This episode we share a bunch of watercolour travel kit options. Take your painting on the go – easy peasy!

Today I paint a sacred pine tree that lights up the whole world.

These stories are on repeat – there are major shared elements. I think Joseph Campbell said there are only 3 stories in the world – it’s just the details that change.

I am a vlogmas virgin.

Apparently YouTube does this every year where creators choose to upload a video every day for the first 24 days of December.

We’re kind of like your video advent calendar.

Today I look at Maria Stezhko or CM Watercolor and review her online activity to see if we can glean any useful tips for our art businesses.

Here is a quick, cheap and easy way to paint wet in wet without having to go through the whole rigamarole of “stretching”.

Clouds are fun to do.

You can’t really screw them up… unless you fuss around with them too much – and I kinda did a bit on the ‘blotting’ clouds.

I ruin a sable brush and get great suggestions from my viewers and fix it up awesome pants. Thank you!

I’m a big fan of Daniel Smith specialty colours like Moonglow and Rose of Ultra – but I’d rather know what goes into these paints since they are mixed pigment tubes. So I tested to see if I could mix them myself.

Sometimes you want a beautiful smooth wash of colour.

Other times though, you want a textured, variegated, scrubbily wash filled with nooks and crannies.

Knowing your pigments can help with that.