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I expect a good leader to be bigger than conflict – to open arms to all voices, not just those in agreement.

I’m tired of my internet and email getting clogged with petty tyrants and narcissists trying to pass as inspirational, even “spiritual” leaders.

Dozens of straight forward tips on how to keep happy that don’t require piles of cash, a fast car or a hot body.

I wrote this less than a month ago and it’s already kind of not true anymore. The Heart of Money class with Mark Silver is KiCKING MY ASS. I used to think I knew things and had figured some stuff out and was pretty connected to myself. Now… not so much.     Shifting, shifting… […]

Creativity and imagination are more important than science and technology. Creativity and imagination create the innovative ideas that spur the development of science and technology – not the other way around.

I just finished Get UnSTucK and I realized that I’ve never really discussed my healing path in any but the most cursory of ways. My healing practice… or “connection to Beloved Presence“ practice is quickly becoming core and central to everything that I’m doing with the business – so I thought, “Hey – why not […]

I want to talk today about a matrix concept of residual self image and alignment and coherence. Now, your self image is… & I don’t mean body image, okay? I mean self image, like “how do you see yourself?” “What’s the image of you that you carry around with you in your head” and does […]

It’s my purpose to give you the tools to make your purpose real. To DO IT, in the real world.

Take it out of your head and into the world.

They were my thoughts based upon what I was reading about what other people were thinking.

Now it’s time for us to start broadcasting our own messages because they’re all needed.

We need the messages.
We need your perspective.
We need what you have to offer.

Now, I can’t move forward though, until I clean up – like it literally is a resistance within me to move forward into something new until I clean up.

I can’t start something new in the detritus of the past project. It’s like an inner/outer thing.