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The Chris Hadfield Space Party

I came late to the space party.

Chris Hadfield was only 3 weeks from returning to Earth when I finally heard about him and followed his Twitter feed.

Commander Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who spent 5 months on the International Space Station (ISS) doing experiments…
…and posting social media updates.

From Space.

Tweets. From Space.

Duets with the Barenaked Ladies. From Space.


The most riveting part for me were his pictures. Every day, Commander Hadfield posted pictures taken from the Space Station as it circled the Earth.

Every day. Pictures of the Earth. From Space.

They are beautiful. Fascinating.



There are no human divisions seen from Space.

There is no separation based on politics, religion, nationality or gender.

There is just beauty. And magnificence.

And the subtle, ever present understanding that we are all here.

There is no “other” when viewing the Earth from Space.

We are all here, sharing the cosmic ride on Spaceship Earth.

We are all here, riding this pale blue dot. Together.

One Story

United Earth as a Global Mythology is currently an unfulfilled human need.

We do not yet have a global story that binds us together.

We do not yet have a frame of reference that connects us to our source, our planet and each other.

We do not yet have a frame of reference that crosses cultural, political and geographical boundaries to knit us together in a way that can change us.

Must change us.

We are in desperate need of a perspective shift to global, to “One Earth”.

This is where the artist comes in.

This is where you, the artist, stand up and answer the call and begin to take seriously those Earthy murmurings that you’ve ignored up until now.

It’s time to listen.

It’s time to stop being small.

Some of you may not feel this. That’s okay. I’m not talking to everyone. This isn’t every artist’s path.

But for some, it is, and I talking to you – and you know it.

You are here to speak for the Earth. You are here to help shift our perspective to global.

You have those ideas in you because we need them.

You have those ideas in you because we need you.

You have those ideas in you because you came here to do this.

I call bullshit

I know you may think it’s too big for you – or you’re not good enough, or you’re afraid you’re going to fuck it up.

But that’s all just bullshit.

That’s all just lizard brain
and fear of change
and fear of doing the work you’re here to do
and fear of finally standing up
and standing out
and taking a chance
and speaking your truth
and fear that you think there’s only one way or one chance and if you don’t do it perfect you’ve ruined your chance and wrecked it all.

But that’s all just bullshit.

You’re not given inspiration without the ability to see it to fruition.

You have what it takes and you can do this. Your ideas and inspiration and skills aren’t in you by accident.

There’s no such thing as just one chance.

You have your whole life to work out the message in your art in as many ways as you want to connect.

The truth is, you may spend your lifetime honing and digging deep into your message and experimenting and tweaking how you present that message to the world.

There are many ways to do this work and many opportunities to share the message and shift the perspective.

We need all of the ways.

We need all of the myriad and varied ways to be shared and connect with those who are open and ready for it.

Like links in a chain… or threads in an embroidery – when we all do our own small bit, when we own and embrace and believe in our own little piece – the beauty of the whole is created.

We don’t have to single-handedly do it all – just the small piece we were given.

We’re only responsible for the message that we feel inside – that message, that idea… that vision that keeps whispering inside us to be born and be shared and be spread.

And yes, it feels risky. It feels exposing and vulnerable and revealing and scary.

To contemplate really, finally, seriously, thinking about sharing your precious interior dreams for the world… with the world.

…is like putting your soul out in public for judgment.

Putting your shiny, precious core out on display. Maybe to be rejected.

Or maybe… to light the fire and spark the core of others who are on this path with us.

Yours forever in global idealism and soul-revealing risk.


"Soul First" in your InBox

There’s no religion, there’s no excuse, there’s no belief anywhere that you can convince me that it’s OK to say that one group is better than another, more holy, more clean, more chosen, more saved.

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These stories are on repeat – there are major shared elements. I think Joseph Campbell said there are only 3 stories in the world – it’s just the details that change.

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This is the FUCKING POINT, of the meme of Ishtar… regardless of small errors – is to push back against the misogyny of inherited Judeo-Christian belief systems and make room again for the Goddess. To quibble over one of the myriad names of the Goddess that could substitute in this context is mansplaining away how Christianity covered up the Divine Source for women.