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The Godhead Project is a caricature/portrait art project I’m starting to investigate the nature of the physical world as a manifestation of God.

I may have alluded to it, but I wanted to say SPECIFICALLY – here in Soul First all the names of Divinity are embraced and acknowledged as meaning all the others as well.

I love the people. All the people. Most of the time. I’m in awe and love and fascination with the infinite possibilities that exist within in human beings… each one of us is a potential of infinite learning and growth and fascination. I’m overwhelmed with the kindness, love and compassion some human beings are capable […]

I wanted to share this because it nicely encapsulates what I believe is happening in the world and what informs the ground that I stand on.

I don’t talk about this stuff openly very often because I’ve been afraid of the feedback – but I gotta walk the talk.

I can’t rightly encourage and expect you to live your truth while I stay quiet and small in mine.

Live your truth – what the fuck’s the point otherwise?


It changed me. Forever.

It changed what I knew was possible in the world.

At our smallest, most microscopic level… magic exists.

This was knowing, experiential in the cells right down to the vibration of the atoms knowing, that everything was one, nothing is exempt, and there is only love.

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I reference my friend Stephanie a lot… but it’s because  she’s one of the most interesting people I know and I feel really lucky that she’s in my life. Stephanie’s a bit of a renaissance woman and possesses a lot of knowledge about a lot of different things: –IT programming, hardware, iPhone programming, lasers… tech-girl […]

Saturday morning kids TV in the 70’s.