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SFS1_MyBigFatFearWelcome to the first Soul First Sunday post.

This one’s a vlog – I have broken my YouTube face cherry and I will be posting more videos of my face talking to your face.

This was a big deal for me. Big for my career. Big for business.

Big for being seen.

Yay for success and being seen and accepting yourself for who you are instead of waiting to be thin or pretty!

You can see this was a pretty big deal.

Thanks for showing up with me.


"Soul First" in your InBox


I have image and body issues and I’ve been struggling with ideas and beliefs around appearances and because of that have shied away from showing myself in my business, on my website or on YouTube.

This vlog is one of the small steps I’m taking to be seen.

To be seen in my life and work and be seen and speak about what is important to me in my life.

We fear rocking the boat by expressing our needs or we fear that even expressing those needs will not change the situation and we will have made ourselves vulnerable to rejection and disappointment.

I’ve lost touch with the magic 2 times in my life – this third return is right in line with the coming of the Crone. NOT a coincidence. Synchronicity is also a sign of the magic.

I had a dream the other night where I was asked what I really cared about… what was most important to me.

Without hesitation I said, “I care most about doing everything I can to help people follow through with their passions and desires here on Earth.”

The Qur’an was cool until it wasn’t. I’m a prophet (you’re a prophet), let’s tell everyone miracles are back on. There are only 2 rules and don’t be a dick is wrapped up in both.

This was an “a ha” that I wanted to share with you. It never stops being “goose bumpy” when I recognize the universe speaking to me through art or nature or random events.

The term “God” creeps me out.

So, I call my soul, higher self, sacred, self… Beloved Presence.

We all have unique expression of our truth and power through our genius. It’s our unique capacity to shine our soul truth into the world. “Discovery” sessions help us tap into that genius power & truth and take our message and our biz to the next level. “Discovery” sessions also help us uncover blocks that stand in the way of our ability to use our native power and truth for our biz.

That’s what happened today. With Shar. It was a resonate moment.