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This was an “a ha” that I wanted to share with you. It never stops being “goose bumpy” when I recognize the universe speaking to me through art or nature or random events.

The term “God” creeps me out.

So, I call my soul, higher self, sacred, self… Beloved Presence.

We all have unique expression of our truth and power through our genius. It’s our unique capacity to shine our soul truth into the world. “Discovery” sessions help us tap into that genius power & truth and take our message and our biz to the next level. “Discovery” sessions also help us uncover blocks that stand in the way of our ability to use our native power and truth for our biz.

That’s what happened today. With Shar. It was a resonate moment.

Since high school, I’ve been on a path to uncover with as much clarity as possible, what I want to be doing with my time here.

That’s my passion.

It’s the one true north that has remained through all my spiralling and questing for meaning.

The one truth that shone through whatever else I was doing with my days.

I have created meaning in a ministry because I chose to become ordained; that was a symbolic act of choosing, of me exercising power, and acting and turning my life in a particular direction.
These are powerful choices and this is how we create meaning in our lives, by what you choose to do, and by what you choose to pay attention to, and what you choose to consider meaningful.

Trust what’s in you. Trust the quiet voice that speaks to you and leads you.

The Math Patrol kangaroo is NOT a figment of my imagination.