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Today I’m talking to Sherri Colasso, psychic artist.

We talk about Sherri’s transition from regular day job to trusting in her gifts. We learn about how she uses art and sight to help her clients move through difficult times in their lives.

Free Gifts!

Sherri has given us a great coupon code for 33% off any of her services.

SOUL33 will give you 33% at checkout on Sherri’s website. The code will expire on at 11:59 pm PST on April 1, 2017.

Top 3 Psychic Tools

I regularly hear from clients who often feel and carry the emotions of others – so when this came up in the podcast I was thrilled to ask, and Sherri delivered!

Here’s a link to 3 of Sherri’s best psychic tools for clearing out what isn’t yours to carry.

I hope you enjoy the podcast – thanks for listening.

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I’ve been MIA working on a bunch of new stuff – Tarot Night, Speaking Gigs on Creative Biz, Promoting Your Art with Influencers and opening my biz to include agenting services for artists.

3 years ago I decided I wasn’t going to pursue my own personal art as part of my business model. It didn’t take. I’ve been told I do too many things. I agree. I agree if my goal is to do one thing and grow that one thing as quickly as possible to be as big as possible. That’s the standard business goal… it just doesn’t fit with my definition of a successful life.