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…is your unique artistic style.

Because it’s gotta be, right?

Your visual branding isn’t about a logo or a set of colour choices – it’s the visual representation of your specific unique style of creation.

And THAT style is tied directly to the core of the why you’re making art in the first place.

A lot of your brand style reveals itself over time.

Unique artistic style and visual branding are very connected to knowing yourself, understanding and accepting who you are and being okay with that person – flaws and all.

(That’s a confidence builder too!)

Knowing what’s important to you, in your life and what you want to share. Knowing how you want to impact people and being aware of what level of connection you’re striving to reach with your audience are key aspects of determining your artistic brand.

Those ideas and belief patterns come through your art.

A big part of moving forward in your art career with a strong brand attached is finally acknowledging that your art is powerful. That your art connects to people on an emotional and spiritual basis and that connection has the power to change the viewer.

Your art is powerful.

Your art connects to people on an emotional and spiritual level.

Your art connection has the power to change people’s lives.

You’re not responsible to do anything with your art. That’s not what I’m saying.

What I am saying, is give yourself permission to allow the full depth of your passion out when you’re creating.

Give yourself permission to create art that captivates and changes the world. Not that it necessarily will – but give yourself permission for that to happen.

Your creation is powerful, and the more of your unique passion you let out while you create, the deeper it will connect… and the easier it is to develop a branding strategy. (Always bringing it back to business! :P)

Warhol and Lichtenstein

Similar comments on commercialism, mass production and the question “what is art” and “what defines fine art” – these two Pop artists developed very different styles that are immediately recognizable as artist brands.

andy-warhol-marilyn  custom pop art printed on canvas


Edmiston and Gillooly

Similar embracing of pop culture, icons and “uncomfortable” conversations – these two artists of the macabre are vastly different in terms of execution and artistic branding.


Chiu, Kawasaki, McPherson & Cho

Similar ages, similar backgrounds and foundations – artistically and professionally differentiated by very, very different artistic styles.

Let your unique purpose and artistic styling come through and fill your art and artist brand with your personality and passion.

There’s no “right way” and we need all the different visions and voices.


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