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…so, as promised: An actual email about actual HEADLINES.   What >> Why >> How   What, why and how are the basic information offering in a headline. You need to demonstrate, in your headline, that you have RELEVANT & VALUABLE content for your audience.   The what >> is what you’re offering (art, story, […]

Are you a selfish artist? …and if you’re not yet – you should be. No, seriously. I encourage you. Be a selfish artist, pleeease.   If you want to have a viable art biz, you’re going to have to stick to your studio hours and defend those hours against all manner of incursions.   Defend. […]

15 years ago I had a dream where I was being taught to take off masks that I wear. I was resisting removing these masks and I was becoming impatient with my teacher. In frustration I said, “You’re just a part of my soul that I’m trying to reclaim anyway.” “I am not of your […]

You want to concentrate on offering articles and features of value to the websites that actually grow your audience and expand your business.

Now everyone has to be a writer. Even artists.  Artists don’t often think about copywriting and headlines. It’s not surprising – it’s not really part of the job description.   Except that now it is.    Social media and the mass reach of the internet means everyone’s got to be a copywriter. (Or at least […]

Snail mail ‘thank you’s’ build loyalty.
When given with the heart felt intention to brighten someone’s mailbox with a little something ‘not a bill’ nice –-
Snail mail kicks ass in a way the internet alone will never do.

Today I test out some ONE STEP crackle finishes. One of them was supposed to be one step but actually was a 2 step when it arrived at my house, so I tested that too – but it is not my favourite     More product information   As always – links to products used […]

Anger is the fire that transforms injustice and powerless into actions that change our world and ourselves.