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In this episode, Shar and I talk about making it easy for people to buy & how you don’t want to be showing or posting anything that you’re not interested in doing in the future. It sounds like a no brainer – but we’ve all done it.

Veronica the “Going for it Girl” Part IV Last episode – I promise!! Hahaha – I had a good time though, V’s a peach. Check out her new resin toys here. So today we talked about: Kickstarter spreadsheets art markets & studio tours website shenanigans and html There’s a video too for those more interested […]

V, the “Going for it Girl” Part III Today V and I talk about: Patreon POD – print on demand changes to Zazzle Emily McDowell & the resistance to art licensing There’s also a video if you’re more inclined that way – it’s on the YouTube channel. For those interested: Part I – Sherlock / […]

The “Going for it Girl” Hey guys, V is back and I’ve finally finished editing and uploading the rest of the interview. It’ll post over the next few weeks. In this episode we talk about: Getting a job and how it’s not a fail How talking to Jim Henson helped get over the job thing […]

Welcome! Today we touch base with Veronica Guzzardi – our “going for it” girl. 2014 saw V jump off the cliff and take on the full time artist’s life as an illustrator and merch artist, making her living from POD. We check in to see what went on in 2014. 91 Illustrations on the Wall… […]

Listen here. I’m going to be watching Veronica Guzzardi as she takes the leap, going for her art biz career full time. Today’s podcast is about Veronica’s process, where she is in her business and what was in place to make this decision one that was doable. I’ll be checking in with her periodically over […]

Listen here. In honour of TCAF this coming weekend – I’m reposting my interview with Annie Koyama, who will be exhibiting with her clan of comickers. Today I talk to Annie Koyama the owner and chief motivator of Koyama press, a small Toronto publishing company focusing primarily on comics and graphic novels. Koyama Press’ mandate […]

Listen here. Let’s talk comics with Ramón. Here it is. Listen to the dulcet tones of the ever handsome Ramón. Cringe at the mystery cougher and weird scuffling sounds on the mic. (Seriously, we have no idea where that came from.) …the line quality… the LINES. THE LINES. Celebrate the herculean constitution of Debangshu Moulik […]

So… you like the comics? Dream of a career in comics drawing Spiderman? TOO BAD. Ramón Pérez has that job and he’s not giving it to YOU. But you can listen to him talk about how he got to be so dapper. You can ask also him questions. Specifically, how you can get dapper in […]