Seriously, I feel like someone took my life and insane-shook it and then poured it out again all jumbled and random and dodgy. I take great comfort in the small areas of the house that are free from piles of mess and clutter… like the tub.

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    Leanne says:

    You’ll find a balance … welcome to the world of KIDS! lol

    Right… and I’ve only got 2, sometimes 3 and part-time AND there’s another adult to help me deal!!

    How do you do it without ending up on the news?

    john says:

    blown away by the art. amaaaaazing.

    Thank you John – very sweet of you to say and share. 😀

    Stephanie says:

    I think clones would be too much like evil twins. They’d just steal your car, spend your money, get you in trouble, then hide when the authorities showed up.

    “Uh-huh. Your clone did it. I see. But now the clone is hiding? Oh-kay… you can explain all that downtown. Let’s go.”

    I’d much rather have minions. Robot cyborg mutant bunnies to carry out my commands and take care of the mundane stuff (and the dangerous stuff) so that I could focus on the important world domination stuff.

    Minions > clones.

    …well, what’re you waiting for?

    Make us some minions lady!!

    Jason Marcy says:

    Beautiful strip! Colours are amazing!
    Your place reminds me of how ours can sometimes look!

    …oh man, I can’t deal with it sometimes. I just want to feel settled. guuuuuh….

    Victoria says:

    I do not like where this is going.

    You are likely correct – but it may not be as bad as you think…

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