Cold, cold science

Beautiful, but aloof.

Science scared me a little. It was dark and cold and… final.
Quantum physics changed all that – it’s the class clown of the science world.

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    Jules says:

    I saw Thor on the weekend and I loved the line where Thor says “science and magic are one and the same”
    What frustrates me about science are the words used to describe processes and chemicals and stuff. I remember the diagram and the process but FAIL at the names and titles. (I do like the word “photosynthesis”. I don’t think it sounds like what is it but I like to say it.)

    My friend Dale on Facebook said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    I like that. I like ALL of that.

    (oh, I just read his link and he was quoting Arthur C. Clarke’s “3 Laws”.

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