Comics Used to Be My Boyfriend.

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    Jason Marcy says:

    I have been battling this demon for YEARS. Finding time for comics is way harder when you have all this other stuff going on. And now I gotta go get ready for the paying job. Yeesh…

    And you’ve produced TONNES of comics over the last decade while balancing home and work. I know it’s doable, but I need to re-figure my life to do it…

    dgriff13 says:

    hence why–
    A: my husband does his own damn laundry (plus, he’s picky, and I “don’t do it right” …. and
    B: still pretty sure I won’t be having kids.

    If the husband came with kids, well.. that’s another story.

    Oh man Dawn, I WISH I didn’t do it right! But, we do share the laundry and chores – I’m not the only one doing that crap.
    We also have an “I cook, you wash” agreement in place.

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