Be Ushushable in your business. Be a bestie and attract the best people to your biz.

We wrap up the 5 objections to buying series with No Trust, No Need and No Desire.

If there’s no sense of scarcity, there is no reason to buy TODAY.

Zig Ziglar came up with the 5 objections to buying: No NEED. No MONEY. No HURRY. No TRUST. No DESIRE.

The REAL benefit of communication with your list is the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE that you provide for them every time they interact with your brand.

So… your list is a collection of qualified leads that give you permission to send them email. They expect value and they expect to be pitched… you’re going to (hopefully) attempt to sell them stuff.

Here we go a bit off the rails and talk about Drew’s interest in sacred geometry, physics and ancient civilizations.

Maria speaks to art makers who want to be more commercial, sell products, connect to licensing deals and make money. Listen in to the podcast and find out why I’m going to be getting this book myself when it comes out in May!

Stop marketing to other artists. Other artists will never value your work as much as non-artists do, as much as collectors do, as much as publishers do.