Welcome to Day 7 of 33 Days of MailChimp

Today we show you how to use some more of the functionality in Opt-in Skin:

  • add opt-ins to your website footer
  • add automatic opt-ins to your blog posts
  • create a WordPress shortcode that makes it easy to pop your customized opt-in anywhere in your site

The podcast is available for your listening pleasure (up top of the post).

If you’d like to watch the the screen capture, step by step video >> join the mailing list for access.

Return here to view.

**(If you’re already a member of the Library – please log-in or else the video won’t show up for you.)**

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Customize Opt-in Skin


If you’re having trouble viewing the video, or it’s glitchy and stops to buffer all the time – I recommend the following:

  • Press ‘play’ and then ‘pause’ as soon as it starts (this primes the buffering)
  • Allow the video to sit and buffer for at least as long as the video length (sometimes longer)
  • Watch without stalling and stopping to buffer and general video annoyances (yay!)
  • Check out the Index Page in the Library for more download and viewing tips.

If you’re really having trouble, consider downloading the video to watch at your leisure. Please don’t share the video once downloaded. I want to help you build your list and create a sustainable business – I’d like that for myself. Thanks!



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    Thanks for the information. I landed here when looking for MailChimp and Optin Skin integration.

    Happy blogging and keep up the great work 🙂

    Thanks for the nice words Internet Marketing Mentor! It’s nice to know I’m making stuff that helps (and shows up in the search engines – win!)

    Brian says:

    Looks like your link is broken to get the slides?

    Lezley says:

    The link is fixed now – thanks for the heads up Brian.

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