This is a traditional Chinese practice paper and I really like how it takes ink. You can’t really blend watercolour at all, but you can spot colour a pen and ink illustration nicely.


Dan Xuan Rice Paper Test

Give the video a minute to load after you hit play. It looks like it’s not doing anything… but it is.

I guess that’s the trade off for having better looking picture – longer waits.

It’ll be worth it when we show you step-by-step techniques.

Diana Bullock: Watercolour & Resist on Rice Paper

Summer's Heart ©Diana Bullock

Summer's Heart ©Diana Bullock, watercolour

Diana’s getting some really beautiful effects using watercolour on rice paper with a wax or cream resist. She’s using a mulberry rice paper off the roll that’s very similar to Dan Xuan.

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    You can flatten the papers under a heavy book over night.

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