I’m featuring Dawn Griffin, not just because she’s a prolific cartoonist (even with a &%#* day job!), but because she’s made a switch in her marketing and promotion strategy that I think is stellar and deserves a look-see by us all.

©Dawn Griffin

©Dawn Griffin

The Skinny

Dawn’s been doing “all the right things” to promote her webcomic Zorphbert and Fred, over the last 5 years. Although she has steadily built her audience and made good sales, it’s never been quite enough to quit her day job.

"It's okay to be ME!"    (hell yeah!)    ©Dawn Griffin

“It’s okay to be ME!” (hell yeah!) ©Dawn Griffin

After branching out into children’s publishing and dissatisfaction with the current webcomics business model; Dawn’s decided to make some changes.

She’s turned her webcomic into a seasonal project, stopped posting daily (or even weekly), focused on the new children’s book material and turned her attention to less traditional ‘comic’ venues and started seeking out the people that actually read her stuff.

What? Try and market directly to your niche audience? Excellent.

Here’s part of the article Dawn wrote for the Webcomic Alliance regarding the switch. You can read the full article “Ditching the Webcomics Business Model” here.

©Dawn Griffin

©Dawn Griffin

The Message

This change is simply good business sense.

Everything in marketing and promotion is RELATIVE TO YOUR AUDIENCE.

The best thing you can do for your business is get to the core of your uniqueness, your special ‘joie de vivre’ and then identify who wants it.

Then go show them all your stuff and figure out how to engage with them and give them more stuff they love.

Easy? No.

But it’s easier than doing the same ol’ thing that everyone else in your industry is doing and still not getting any results.

If you want to find me, I’ll be lurking around Dawn’s online life to watch her kick ass with this change of direction.

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