Let’s talk newsletters.

Mailing lists and newsletters.

The idea of the old newsletter is pretty dead. It’s a same old same old of events listings and sale information and it doesn’t offer your list very much value.

You can let your list know what you’re up to AND give them an experience that is unique to you and your particular flavah.

It’s the fear that stops us.


Being vulnerable is scary

Sharing your truth and loves and joys with your mailing list is scary.

Sharing what you believe and how it impacts your art is scary. It’s especially scary when you pair your vulnerable self with the additional neediness of asking for financial support in the form of your collectors buying your work.

Ouch. That’s a lot of discomfort. Lips Paper I love You

But that’s what it is.

It’s not going to change.

We need to change.

We need to dig deep and stand strong in the discomfort and share our vulnerability with our list.

Let them see us.

Our loves, our joys, our beliefs and mistakes… all the beautiful, transcendent, dirty, tear-filled wonderful bitter-sweet moments that have made you the artist you are.

You’re already doing it

You’re already digging in to the courage to produce work that is authentic and resonate to your collectors.

You’re already flexing your strength to show that work with the world.

Your audience is already coming to your for your courage to reveal yourself…

Don’t wimp out on the newsletter when you have the opportunity to connect so strongly.

If it’s so easy, tell me how

I know – it’s easy to sit over here and point and say how you’re doing it wrong…

So I won’t – here’s a list of ideas that I think would work for CriticalVoiceTEXTartists… But see that’s a generic “artist” – it may not work for you.

The fact is that the list is wide open about how you can communicate with your collectors, what stories you can tell.

It’s got to be genuine. You must be sharing something valuable that is liking going make you vulnerable.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable – it’s probably not real enough.

Some random ideas… tell us a story

  • The moment you realized you wanted to be an artist
  • What art meant to you growing up or during difficult/wonderful times in your life
  • If making art was a superhero – who would it be and why?
  • What’s it like sketching/painting plein air versus in your studio – do you have a preference? Why?
  • Tell us about people in your life who’ve been really supportive of your art career; what, why and how that matters.
  • Tells us about people or circumstances in your life that weren’t supportive – you don’t have to name names, but share how that impacted you, what it meant
  • Do you have a favourite spot to muse or sketch or think or make meaning of your life – share it and tell us why you love it
  • Did I mention pictures? Pictures, pictures, pictures…
  • Pictures
  • MOAR Pictures 😛
  • More pictures – we expect a visual artist to communicate visually – see the new SNAP app from MailChimp to help with that
  • Always include a picture of your art in a mailing with a link back to a purchase page – just saying
  • Do you love a particular art period? Why?
  • Do you hate a particular kind of art? Why?
  • Do you have longings for art & creativity for social change or personal growth? Share those ideas with us!
  • Do you have a paint/supplies brand that you love? Why?
  • Do you have random thoughts pop up in your head while your creating that are funny &/or meaningful? Send them to us!
  • Who’s your favourite artist? Singer? Why?
  • Have they impacted your art? How?
  • Are you a quotes or song lyrics person? Send us picture quotes using Buffer & Pablo (or however you want)

That was just a few minutes of thinking of stuff I’d like know about artists that I follow and what I think might be interesting generally.

Your list is made up of people who are interested in connecting and knowing you and know more about your artist life.

That’s vulnerable, I know – but you can do it.

P.S. Buffer & Pablo

Buffer LogoBuffer is a social media aggregate service – it helps you post one time to a variety of different social media outlets.

They’ve recently introduced Pablo – image making software that makes it easy to share thoughts and quotes that are sized right for each platform.

Full Buffer Dashboard and the crows fly to the button you need to click.

Full Buffer Dashboard and the crows fly to the button you need to click.

…the crows are because I was writing this post on my iPad and my image editor didn’t have a pencil tool!

The crows are kind of cool though. You should see them fly out of my finger on the screen – it’s like I’m conjuring them!!

Buffer dashboard close up - crows flying again.

Buffer dashboard close up – crows flying again.

Crows as indicator – see above.

Pablo dashboard

Pablo dashboard

This is one of the Pablo quotes I created:


Isn’t that great??


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