©Lezley Davidson, Queen of Wands 2016, ink & digital

©Lezley Davidson, Queen of Wands 2016, ink & digital

Lately I’ve been plagued with YouTube content ID notices on the music I’ve chosen to soundtrack my art videos.

5 of the 6 I’ve uploaded over the past 3 weeks have been flagged.

Beware CC music.

Apparently even if you do your due diligence and choose only those tracks that have been released under Creative Commons licenses that allow commercial use of the music – it doesn’t matter, the artist can still claim copyright and take your ad revenue.

freehiphopbeatsforyouthepassionhifimiamifree2It seems to me that the artists in question (talking to you The Passion HiFi) should remove the Creative Commons – Attribute 3.0 Unported license from their tracks on Soundcloud if they choose to dispute monetization on YouTube.

grumble, grumble, grumble…

So anyways…

I’ve been caught short with all the videos I’d planned to share being held until the disputes are resolved.

I’m also right at the crunch of my Tarot: In the Cards deadline to finish up 78 tarot images for release on October 31 – so can’t set aside any time to create new videos.

So what do you do when you’re in a jam? Do what you can ladies, do what you can.

Do what you can.

What I can do is record my current process for creating this Tarot deck. So here it is…

This is how I take a blue-lined, inked page and get it ready for colouring.

(For those of you wanting more analog videos – they’re coming. They’re just being held captive by YouTube’s content ID system.)


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