In an attempt to cover all my internet marketing bases, I tried to secure a web domain only to find it being squatted by a link farm. I’ve contacted the registered domain owner in the hopes that I could negotiate an ownership transfer. No response.

I’m generally pissy about this situation and suspect that there’s some shadiness afoot.

My good and brilliant friend Stephanie wrote an interesting blog post on domain name shenanigans and what to watch out for.

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    Stephanie says:

    That sucks. There’s a domain I’ve been watching for close to 3 years, but it too has been squatted by link farmers. The pissy thing is that I looked up the registered owner and found it to be a corporation who promises to “make the web a better place”…

    Jules says:

    Thanks for the new word – Asshats. I will chuckle internally even when I get I pissed enough to use it.

    Ha!! I know – isn’t it great… catch the visual.

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