Replacing a canvas, or worse, starting again on a finished piece is a big hit to the wallet.

At some point, everyone has to figure out how to fix a hole in a canvas.

Here’s a quick and easy fix to your rip situation.

It’s best used with textured work – collage, mixed media, and molding paste.


Other Options

Not everyone has been happy with my video.

Scott Haskins of @bestartdoc has posted a video about how you shouldn’t patch an oil painting. You can view that here.

I still support patching acrylic paintings in the manner demonstrated as acrylic polymers tend not to distort unless under physical pressure.

Here’s a link to a canvas repair description by Robert Genn that is almost identical to how I repair acrylic canvases.

Here’s a link to a traditional lining restoration:

And a link that illustrates how much painting is required to restore a badly ripped painting!


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