imageToday’s Feature Friday Artist makes me excited; as an artisan of fantastic skill and beautiful handmade work – but also such an amazing pants example of rock solid business sense.

Emily’s website, prices and practice are bang on.

I want you to pay attention.

You can check out Emily’s kick ass tiles:

Amazing Pants

Art Biz Checkmarks

I want you to go back to Emily’s links and make sure your take a look at the following aspects of her biz that she’s got right:

  • Quality website
  • clean, minimal design – allows the tiles to pop, menu is clean and easy to navigate
  • HANDMADE is part of branding, logo – repeated EVERYWHERE
  • Prices support the value of HANDMADE – these are artisan prices, NOT mass produced prices
  • Blog updated regularly with:
    • process shots – hi-lite handmade, artisan source
    • add new tiles and collections
    • in situ shots of consumers USING her tile in their renovations
  • options to get the tiles are clear: Gallery contact and online sales
  • everything on this site screams “quality” – “take out your wallet”

These tiles are so awesome. I’d love to use these in my kitchen.
Soooo good.

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