Facebook is messing around with the organic search again:

“We anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages.”



Here’s the good news:

Facebook is upgrading the value of friends and family.


Posts from friends and family will show up higher in our feeds. That’s good.

It means that posts from Pages will be pushed further down in our feeds (and unfortunately, peeps don’t scroll down that far).

Soooo… we’ll probably see another drop in page reach.

It’s about Shares & Engagement

There is a dull bright side.

If your page is already getting shares and engagement – you’ll probably not see much change in your reach.

Like the Meet Edgar blog says, there are things that we can do as biz owners to make sure our Pages stay fresh and shareable:

  • They think it’s interesting, entertaining, or otherwise valuable content.
    94% of people “carefully consider” how the things they share will be useful for others.
  • Sharing helps us define ourselves to others.
    When you share something, it reflects your values, interests, and identity. (What does your favorite cat video say about your personality?
  • We create, build, and enrich personal relationships by sharing.
    Sharing content gives us a reason to talk to people with similar interests, and to strengthen our existing relationships. 78% of people actually share content online because it gives them a reason to maintain personal connections that otherwise might not be as strong!
  • Sharing creates a sense of self-fulfillment.
    It feels good to share things! Because it satisfies different personal desires, there’s a sense of fulfillment that comes with sharing something with other people.
  • We want to get the word out about things that matter to us.
    From a totally practical point of view, sharing is how we educate others and, ideally, get them interested in the things that interest us!


What to do now…

I think the writing is pretty clear about Facebook Pages – you pay for post promotion or you won’t get seen.
©2012 Target Unicorn by Lezley Davidson

I get some traction on posts – but they’re fun posts that are there to make light with laughs or enjoy some art or a technique… maybe even cats.

The real meaty posts don’t get shared because most people aren’t sharing business posts on their personal page.

Who’s going to share this for their mums and cousins? It’s useful info – but none of your friends and family care.

You’ll have a better result with your art – because your art is a gift and you are a magical unicorn.

Also – remind your people of putting you on an interests list.

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