I’ve officially lost my comic convention virginity… and it was more wonderful than I ever dreamed it could be….. (and some of the stink was even worse. I’m so sorry that the basement-dwelling, non-bathing, sun-shunning stereotype is sometimes true!).

I had a great time with fellow table mates Jay Marcy and Paul Quinn. My booth buddy Phil McClorey and his great friends Pat and Ryan kept me laughing (and looking for nice racks! Pat – you missed some of the best ones on Saturday… including the painted on girl!!). Stephen, Jen, Serena, Elsie, Linda and George, Jamie and Sam were a welcome surprise. It’s amazing how grateful you can be for a familiar face after hours of strangers – thank you for taking the time to visit me and supporting my book!

It was a print year and I’m totally excited about my purchases. I bought a series of Michael Cho’s Toronto alleyways. Can’t wait to put the set up in my house all framed. Had the opportunity to chat a bit with Mike at this show too which was such a bonus. He is seriously one of the most positive, supportive guys in the industry that I’ve ever met and I’m lucky that he’s in my life the way he is – you bring the sunshine Michael!

These are Michael’s prints that will live with me now:

Toronto Back Alleys 1

Toronto Back Alleys 2

Toronto BackAlleys 3

Toronto Back Alleys 4

Toronto Back Alleys 5

Toronto Back Alleys 6

Toronto Back Alleys 7

Then there was Chris Uminga – Whoooooooooooo!!!!!! Chris is my new favourite artist and I can’t say enough awesome about him. His illustrations make me happy and I’m so excited to frame them and put them up in my studio. He inspires me with his colour and shape and how he can take such dark material and make it huggable. His work is “Edgey-Cute” and resonates perfectly with my tastes. Gawd – I love it…!!! (and poor Chris had to deal with me (hearting) all over him at the con since he was at the table behind me – meh heh!).

I bought 5 of his prints and I want to buy more since he actually ran out of a couple of my first choices. I assumed (incorrectly) that he could just go home and print me off some more if he ran out. Not so much – he lives in Conneticut. Crap.

Here are the prints that I bought from Chris:

Sandman and DeathPenguin

Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

Death in the Graveyard

2 Sandmans

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    Serena says:

    I love Batman & Robin!! I’m guessing he sold out of the Joker one 🙁 Boooo…..it was a great show though! Congrats on breaking the Expo cherry 😛 I was gonna do a blog post about it (and maybe I will….eventually…hahha….ooh, and I’ll post a picture of the pigs!!!!) but we’ll see if I can get around to it.

    Ya, I want to get Chris’ “Joker & Harlequin” and “Scarecrow” – maybe next year, or possibly by post…? I’m looking forward to doing the strips on the show… stupid pigs!!

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