Snap MailchimpFinally – you can stop hating your newsletter and wondering “what the hell do I send to my list?” and use SNAP from Mailchimp instead.

SNAP is a new app from Mailchimp that’s turned newsletters something as simple as social media update.

It’s visual-based and makes it easy to share WIP, behind the scenes, studio pets, in the moment flurries… awesome walk-finds, beautiful sunsets, sweet moments of gratitude for your list and how awesome they are…

“I’m thinking of you…”

What I love about this is that it’s exactly like sharing on social media – except that the list is already primed to receive from you and you’ve got all their attention.

Think of it like an “I’m thinking of you buddy…” and send them something that they can’t get on Instagram.

Here’s how it works

Download the iOS or Android version and log into your Mailchimp account.
You can connect your Instagram account too if you want.


Thoughts on Content

This is how my test turned out. Me in the bathtub - woo hoo! LOL.

This is how my test turned out. Me in the bathtub – woo hoo! LOL.

The app is super simple to use – it might seem like a no brainer to just re-send what you’re already sharing on Instagram… but I think that’s a mistake.

Why join your mailing list unless I’m going to get special content that’s not available to just anyone on Instagram?

Share moments of your studio life with me.

Are you shopping for art supplies?

Take a photo of your purchases for the members of your list.

Include why you love it. Maybe link it to a painting in your gallery that uses that product or a link to a class where that particular product is featured.

The photo/link/comment is a powerful tool to engage us in your studio life.

Use us for feedback.

Are you choosing between two merchandise options? Send us a request for VIP feedback. Maybe it’s shallow – but I love it when I’ve been involved in feedback before it gets put out into the rest of the social media sphere.

This is the subject line in GMAIL - the emojis are super cute in email.

This is the subject line in GMAIL – the emojis are super cute in email.


The Segmenting Though

Where things get really amazing is the segmenting.

Say you have a segment/group on your list that includes everyone that’s every bought any of your textile merch… You can send them VIP, pre-launch and premiere offerings before they’re released to the public!

It’s “point & click” promotion.

Everyone loves the VIP and that’s where this tool is amazeballs. It’s sending offers right while you’re there with the products. It’s asking for feedback right in the moment because you’re there with the options and you’ve got your phone.

It’s so simple. Mailchimp just invented point and click promotion.

Go get it.

Go do it.

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