So, you’ve been seeing me bleat all month about art licensing and you’re thinking,

“Hellz yah! Gimme some of that…”

So you click on the Tara Reed Art Licensing Academy Link… and then cry.

‘Cuz it’s $197 bucks and you’re on a budget.

Sadly, eating will always be a priority.

I get that. I feel you.

This bad boy is $27.95 for 90 minutes and Derek covers a TONNE of information that’s going to get you started NOW.

Plus, a bonus audio AND a PDF download of all
the resources with web-links.

It’s awesome. Derek rocks.

You should check it out here for more info – there’s a sample.

I got you girl. I know we gotta stick to the budget.

This one gives you the info, but doesn’t break the bank.

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