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For Your Art Biz

The Merch Artists

If you sell prints and buttons and bags and cards and are more pop culture or illustrative and you have a table set up with all your awesome stuff on it – this post is for you.

Pretty Pictures

If you only want to make pictures of fairly marketable subject matter like florals, landscapes or wildlife and can see yourself in a gallery in cottage country, then this is article is for you.

The Academics

This is the top of the pyramid, the gallery academic track. This is where you will be applying for grants from councils, seeking residencies and looking to produce significant work that will be garner you a paragraph in the art history books.

The Art World Pyramid

This post explains 3 different and distinct areas of the art world that require different marketing strategies – where does your art belong?

YouTube as a Revenue Stream

It’s not millions, but ad revenue on YouTube can build up if you’re creating interesting videos for the people. (It doesn’t hurt for getting more eyeballs on your artwork as well!!)

“You’re not a serious artist…”

There’s always some bozo talking crap about what is and isn’t a real artist. This one is about teaching as a revenue stream for your art biz. If you make art, you’re an artist. Anyone who says different is full of shit. Ignore them.

Use YouTube to Promote Your Art & Teaching Biz

More YouTube. I like the YouTube. Use it to promote your teaching biz.

Those that can, do…

Oh lord I’ve always hated this expression. Here’s another one on how teaching can be a benefit to your art biz. Enjoy.

Before the Art Marketing Begins

Spend some time thinking about what kind of art biz you want to create for yourself before you hit the marketing and promo. No point in building something that doesn’t fit.

Show Us with Video

Yep, I know – video again… but look – you can create whatever value offering fits your brand with video. Done. See, there it is.

The Reproduction Thing

Prints. Yes or no? Discuss.

Seriously, embrace the series.

There is strength in the series. Everything else is a bit amateur. No, really. Embrace the series.

“Best Selling Art” my ass…

Find out what kinds of contemporary art are actually selling these days.
Also, beware of lists. They lie.

Your Perfect Right People

Don’t try to sell to everybody. It’s a waste. Go after the people that love what you do.
They’re out there.

Make great images work harder for your art biz.

First, take great pictures of your art.
Then, use those great pictures to connect potential buyers to your work. Here’s how.

40 for 40

I turned 40 and gave away a list of 40 promo ideas. Join the list to get them.

Oh crap, advertising.

Oh crap, advertising.

Writing is a Bridge

For those of you that like to write… it can be a way in for your potential collectors. Share your joy and passion for art through words too.

After the Harvest ~ Get a System

I like to be organized.

The Most Important Part of Your Art Biz ~ Pt. I

What’s this then… aren’t you curious?

The Most Important Part of Your Art Biz ~ Pt. II

Oooh, curious part 2.

Business Is Like Dating

A lot of people on my list like this one.

That’s Not Your List

Please know who you can email and who you can’t. I hate getting newsletters from people that got my card at an event.
That’s not your list.

Team of One

That’s you. Solo-preneur baby.

…Many Hats? ALL the Hats

You get to do all the work – know what you’re getting yourself in to.

Why Your Website Is King (or Queen)

This is true forever.

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