I’m fucking furious.

Clearly we’ve seen how much of a shit show it can be when we let the rats in the world hold the power – they try and turn it into 1942 again. A time when things were pretty shit for anyone who wasn’t a rich white cis male.

I’m so tired, and so angry about it all. The rule of government is apparently greedy self-interest. “I got mine” at the expense of yours – “mine” in the tune of billions when most of us are trying to to keep it all together for $14 an hour. The role of government is to protect the people and prevent exploitation. It seems what we’ve got is a government that only protects a small segment of the population to continue to make profits at the expense of the people and the Earth.

So what do we do now?

Keith doesn’t vote. He says it doesn’t matter and maybe he’s right, but those like him who are waiting for the system to crumble aren’t going to like the aftermath. They style themselves as saviours and heroes who think they’re going to battle themselves into a new freedom like it’s a Clash of Clans. What’s more likely is that they’ll actually cut themselves on a scavenged can of Chunky Beef Stew and die from an infection because there’s no more antibiotics.

Keith and those like him think that the regular people will start a new society from the ashes of the old. They’re kidding themselves in thinking that a new society would be just or fair or free. In all likelihood, the militia and those with resources will overtake a broken society and install a totalitarian regime, faster than you can say the Emperor of France.

So again, what do we do now?

The only thing that is going to change our society is more diversity of representation. There is only one actual path forward – that’s the path where more women and women of colour and people of colour and gender fluid people and people with varied sexualities and differently abled people all get into the political scrum and popular culture together and bring their standpoint to bear in the political process. We need all the different types of people in our society to have representation in our government and our media – it’s the only way forward.

The alternative is an attempt to stop progress, stop time and freeze our development as a society at a false pinnacle which saw only rich white cis men as the image of success.

That’s shit and I call shit. We’ve done that for thousands of years and it fucking sucked for most people and it failed. NEXT.

So what’s next?

You are. I am. We are.


What are you creating? and writing? and painting? and putting out into the world? What ideas are you sharing? What dreams are whispering in your heart?

What is your most important truth? What, if left undone, if left unsaid, unexpressed, will make you grieve your life on your death bed?

We are what changes this world.


We are it and we do it by simply doing what’s in us to give. What do you have to offer? What do you have to give?

There will always be doubt. There will always be fear. There won’t always be time left to hesitate.

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