Go for the deal

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    Stephanie says:

    Wow this is the longest phone call ever! Almost two weeks and you still haven’t hung up on him.

    Plus I’m confused! He says I broke up with her because… but I thought Tammy said she broke up with him… ( http://lezleydavidson.com/2009/08/07/can-o-worms-re-opened/ )

    Oh wait I’m not confused! He’s a lying manipulative Douche Bag! ( http://lezleydavidson.com/2009/07/09/1013/ )

    C’mon Lezley! We’re paying attention to the strip – are you? 😉

    You asked us to call you out on this stuff, remember? ( http://lezleydavidson.com/2009/07/28/the-official-intro/ )

    Anyhow – sorry if I’m ragging on you too much. Just don’t like to see friends get hurt or messed with.

    Tammy says:

    Tammy here…I never said one way or the other who broke up with whom, just that we were through. I just warned Lezley that Cliff and I were through and for her to look out because he wanted her back. Also…I never threatened to call his work. Just so the record is straight. Still an avid fan of the comic itself, just sorry I’m still being dragged into it.

    Lezley says:


    I’ve got nothing…

    Alice Quinn says:

    Wait .. I can see it ! I see the future in my comic preticting cystal ball
    cliff is going to say ” I don’t want her.. I want you, I have wanted you all along”
    or something along those lines,
    I know that this is an autobiographical comic, but you kill off the cliff character please 😛

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