“God” is icky. Let’s rename it.

It’s true. We need a new form of reference. The old one is creepy and sticky and icky and carries a whole lot of crap that just isn’t true.

“The Force” is the closest thing to truth that I’ve ever known. “The Beloved Presence” I like because it’s personal and close and huggy… how about “The Source”? Hrrmmmm… kinda sounds like bottled water.

Any thoughts? Please – leave a comment or email me or twitter, facebook, tumble me with your “New names for God” ideas.

This’ll be great… or a nightmare. Yay human thought process!!

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    Chris Howard says:

    Are we re-naming The Big Old White Dude, or the metaphysical otherness of the universal whole.

    Cause I know the kids name is Carpenter Zombie.

    Lezley says:

    Carpenter Zombie!!! lulz!!!

    The big old white dude is a personification of the metaphysical oneness (I say oneness) of the universal whole… so I guess we’re going for renaming the whole shebang.

    Spiritual TOE.

    Jules says:

    I’m sticking with “God”. I don’t care what others call it/her/him as long as we all know we are talking about the same thing. All the crap that gets done “in the name of God” or the judgements/condemnations made by men “in the name of God” are just that…stuff done by people who (I feel) are OF God but clearly not the source itself.

    Lezley says:

    I can talk to some people (like you, for instance) and use God and know that we’re pretty much on the same page and hi-fiving over all the love and inclusion.

    I talk to other people and the word God suddenly includes judgement against gays and lesbians and half the world’s population and there’s some sort of hellfire and crazy punishment shenanigans and I realize that we’re not talking about the same thing at ALL.

    Ptorq says:

    I’m pretty sure Kirby used “The Source” in the New Gods comics. I’ve also seen “Logos” used when people want a semi-Christian-but-not-quite feel… I vaguely recall it even being plural (as in, The Logos was a group, not an individual) in one of the runs of The Spectre (most likely the one where Spectre was Hal Jordan). In the originals, the entity that sent Corrigan back from the dead was just The Voice. (And, of course, in Star Hunters, the omnipotent being was The Entity and looked a lot like the All-Seeing Eye of Providence on the back of a dollar bill, with atomic hoops around it.)

    Oh man, these are all awesome names… Logos and The Voice remind me of Keys of Enoch type books and the Metatron of Kevin Smith’s “Dogma”. They’re borderline villian – y too, which is pretty cool (and apt!).

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