Where I test the Crackle Paste and show you stuff:

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Golden Crackle Paste

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    Helen says:


    Thanks for doing these reviews, they’re really interesting. I have a strange .. i don’t know, request? Idea? I’m not a painter, I’m a builder-of-weird-things. Could you “paint” a face with that stuff, using it like a sculpting medium and then use a wash/glaze to bring out all the visible definition? I’m not sure that even makes sense, so let me tell you what I’m seeing in my head:

    I see Lezley-in-the-comic (which is how I picture you) doing a kinda Mona Lisa thing, dressed normally, but with the smile and the hands going on. You paint this Lezley with the golden crackle paste, and you let it dry. It looks like a white canvas, maybe with some texture. Then you run a series of glazes or just a sepia wash over the whole thing and it’s like the picture rises up out of nowhere! Is that possible? I can’t really see a point, other than it would be really neat.

    Regardless, thanks for all the interesting reading. You tempt me with more art supplies every time I watch.

    All the best!

    Ooooh, yes… yes, that’s totally possible. Doable… definitely.

    There isn’t much control over how it crackles though – so you couldn’t really use the crackle to define the face. You could probably use thickness to define the shape… and allow the pools of glaze to collect in the shadow areas to create… shadow.


    Thanks for the comments – huzzah!
    (you’re the first since I changed format to more art demo stuff – you ‘broke my comment cherry’… so to speak)
    heh. 😛

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