Governments Lie

Japan’s getting more transparent about the nightmare in Fukushima that has now dispersed a cloud of radioactivity all over the world.

Here’s a dispersion cloud map:

(oooh, pretty yellow everywhere)

Here’s a video on how the Japanese government is teaching the children about the meltdown:

(my favourite is that even if the reactor blows, “it still won’t be as bad as Chernobyl.”!! Wooo! Everyone dance!

Why do we use these types of energies when the possible tragic and horrific accidents not only CAN but DO occur?

Voices of Chernobyl was Act II of the episode of This American Life that aired on 4.2.2011.

Act II starts at 31:14 – listen from 34:22 to 37:10 for things that make me alternately love and hate humanity, and also make me cry:

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    Victoria says:

    Aw look at that three eyed kitty. I would keep him and cuddle him and love him like any other cat.

    Ah who am I kidding if I saw a real three eye cat I would be freaking out. But the one in the comic is very cute.

    Thanks! He’s also a fatal-if-touched radioactive object… daaaaaw, nuclear mutation kitty.

    DaveB says:

    We use those energy sources because global power demand is insatiable and is only going to get much worse as countries like China and India become increasingly first world. Nuclear power can be scary but has caused FAR fewer deaths than, for instance, coal. By a factor of 4000x ( ) I’m not a nuclear power apologist but keep in mind that it’s easy to freak out about 1 major incident every 20 years over caring than a bunch of blue collar people dying in coal mines (especially if they’re brown skinned.) That doesn’t ever make the news.

    Personally I think every sun facing surface should have solar panels on it. Roofs, cars, skyscrapers, hats even. It might not solve the world’s power problems, but if it cuts the “on-grid” power consumption by 50% we’d be in much better shape than we are now.

    I agree with you and coal is some scary crap (incidentally – China and India are still using coal; yay emphysema!).

    I also agree that solar, wind and geothermal are way better options than nuclear to offset where we’re at. The big news is Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island and Fukushima – but those are just the headlines. I’m saying that any energy source that creates toxic radioactive waste (that remains toxic for thousands of years) ISN’T viable and should never have been a consideration in the first place.

    Aaron Broverman says:

    I heard TAL that week too.. very moving. Do you think I should point out the typo in the title of this post?

    Aaron Broverman says:

    unless of course you meant multiple governments

    OMG I want the 3 eyed kitteh!! Does he have a split tail like a nekomata? XD

    Ha!!! Maybe… ew, soo creepy.

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