I tried Winsor & Newton’s Granulation medium a while ago and it was a HUGE disappointment.

I’m a texture whore and Granulation Medium was a wonderful idea – smooth transparent glazes when you want them – granulating pigments when you want that.


Nope. FAIL.

Used my mortar & pestle to grind up rock salt. Mixed about 1: 6 with water.

Used my mortar & pestle to grind up rock salt. Mixed about 1: 6 with water.

So, I finally got around to testing out a salt water concoction.

This might be toooo much salt – it’s about 6:1 water:salt ratio… I might kick that down a notch to 1:8 or 10, depending.


The results were worth it.

I’m pretty stoked. I used straight salt water. Very little (to zero) regular water was used on this… and the effects are dependent upon how much you use.


There was some concern for me about getting the paint from my palette to the paper because I wanted to really cut down on how much plain water I was using, but it didn’t want to contaminate my palette with salt water.

I’m going to be using this for sure. I might mix up a bottle once I find the perfect saline ratio for my needs.

Maybe several different bottles with different strengths.

Let me know how your experimentations turn out!

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    I try out my own "granulation medium" in watercolour and it works pretty well.

    Wendy Landkammer says:

    I love salt wash. I've used paper to direct where the salt goes. The only caution I've ever read is that salt with iodine in it will turn things yellow. It might be an interesting effect, maybe a retro look to colors.

    Oh thanks for the tip! I'm gonna have to give this a try soon! 🙂

    Lezley Davidson says:

    Thanks for the tip about yellowing @Wendy – I'm definitely going to have to take that into consideration… sea salt doesn't have iodide. That might work.

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