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Artist Myth #3: Artists Are Not Business People, My Dealer Will Handle Everything

I often hear artists say that they are too right-brained to do left-brained business tasks. They imagine that getting a gallery means that they will be able to wash their hands of the filthy business side of art. They assume that the gallery will handle every aspect of marketing and selling their work. ~Aletta de Wal

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I hate hearing artists fall back on this right-brain, left-brain crap as an excuse for not acting on the business part of their business.

We use our whole brain every day!

You may not like or be good at the business side of art – that’s fine, that’s understandable, but don’t waffle up some granola crap excuse based on left-brain hoohaw.  

If You Can’t Stand the Business Side of Art

Consider that you may be better off remaining a hobbyist/amateur.

I know a lot of professional artists making a good, sustainable living from their art. All of them are active and engaged in understanding and growing the business side of their art career.
Professional, successful artists initiate opportunities and are the central key to creating and forming a loyal audience of collectors.

You CAN Learn

If you want to move beyond amateur hobbyist, you can learn the art business and gain some traction. Go slow, take your time, don’t get overwhelmed.

Chip away, bit by bit and you’ll find over time that you can build a thriving art business.

The reACTion Lab:

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  • Hit the books. The library is filled with tonnes of great marketing books. Not all of it will apply to art sales, but I’d recommend becoming familiar with marketing and sales as a whole first. Seth Godin books are a great starting point. Easy to read, inspirational and motivational.
  • Subscribe to online Art Business blogs & newsletters:


  • Buy and download a marketing info class online or a marketing ebook.

  • Find art groups in your neighbourhood/city and get involved and active in the art community. Join the art group that offers art show opportunities AND business seminars to it’s members.

  • Ask for advice or mentorship from a successful artist in your art group. Most people are happy to help and share their wisdom.

  • Look for a Mastermind group in your area (Google “Mastermind Meetup + your area).

  • Just DO something. Take some small action, regularly applied and you’ll make a huge difference in your business acumen.

  • Practice, practice, practice… thinking about your art business. Practice applying marketing and promotional initiatives in other fields to your art business. Practice seeing opportunities for your art business in all areas of your life.


Please, Be Patient

ToniVC / Foter

Thinking about your art as a business and learning to recognize business opportunities for your art will take some time. Be patient with it – you’re training your brain to make connections between things it’s likely never connected before.

You CAN do this. It will get easier over time and it’s SO important to your success for you to take the reigns of your art business and guide this ride!

  • No one is going to be able to connect with your audience and better than you.

  • No one is going to know better than you what direction is the best to take your art to fulfill your creative needs AND the demands of your thriving art business.

You, will always be the core and the foundation to your art brand and business.

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Let me take a look at where you’re at with your creative online biz.

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