banksy5I’m a big fan of urban art. Street art. Found art…

It’s the act of discovery – the feeling of participation and being “in” on something.

That’s all part of my attraction – Banksy and Shepard Fairey have built their careers on urban art and the fascination of discovery.

Bansky just recently allowed the public to “discover” his signed originals set up at a stall in Central Park.

Max Zorn sends out free sticker art all over the world as part of his guerrilla marketing.

(What started as stickers has been taken to the next level with community participation in his native homeland.)

These were just hilarious

There’s more of them here.


The “lazy-man-leave-behind” promo

I’m issuing a challenge to any of my readers who feel that a guerilla-style “discovery” approach fits in with their brand.

If you’re a more refined brand and consider yourself strictly gallery oriented – I’d not recommend this path. It may be detrimental to the brand you’re trying to create.

For the rest of you – here’s the plan:

  • You can only spend $10
  • create a “leave behind” promotion of your art and biz that can be “found”
  • pick places where your audience will find them! (there’s no point in leaving them where the people there won’t care about your art)
  • tie-in your “leave behind” with some sort of event or promotion happening in your biz:
    • a new show
    • new work or a new series reveal
    • a sale – Christmas is coming…
    • a new opt-in freebie – (promote people to sign up for your newsletter/mailing list)
    • have something going on – don’t just bring new people to your website or online store – get them to take action
  • track your results – put a special code in the “leave behind” or set up a special landing page that will track the action of the leave behind.


This is just one action amongst many promotional activities that you should be involved in with your art biz.

Please don’t ever think that one path will deliver all the traffic and returns you’ll need to create a sustainable art biz.

This isn’t a mass media promotion – your potential contacts are small and the return is going to be small.

But it’s very likely that depending on what your leave behind is about – and where you actually leave it… the potential is there to connect strongly to lifelong fans of your art and brand because you’ve given them the opportunity to discover you in a random, delightful way.

Please connect with me and let me in on your progress – I’m going to be posting about what I come up with as it happens, so check back.

I really want to see what you guys come up with!!

***Edit – here’s a video of what I came up with.***
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