TheAlmanacThis is a re-post from last year, because it’s that Harvest time again.

I’m in the thick of my own Harvest of 2014 right now… and the new tools and spreadsheets I made last year are revealing some pretty interesting things.

There’s a thread running through this year that is truly life-changing and it’s being supported and amplified in all area of my life.

Your favourite and most interactive posts and status updates are when I share what I’ve learned from my experience (and show you pictures of my life, house and cats – I’ll do that more).

When I share how I’m growing and learning from what’s happening – you all chime in and dialogue and discuss – it’s amazing.

Everything in my life is directing me back the truth within and trusting what’s there and what I’ve already known and embraced for years.

Trust what’s in you.

It’s true. It’s real.

It’s yours & it’s enough.

I’m excited to create for 2015.

I feel ready to develop from my interior alone and not look outside for models or frameworks to build upon.

It’s time to do what I came here to do.

What’s in your plan for 2015?

We must practice self-love, and self-care, and self-praise when it comes to our art.

I believe this is the foundation activity to everything we do in our art biz.

We must actively believe in and praise our efforts, support our art goals and activities and reaffirm our value and worth as artists.

  • You are valuable.
  • The art that you create is necessary and important and worthy.
  • We need your voice and your vision.
  • You are vital to our evolution to become better.

Harvest 2014

Golden Fields on the Way to Gordium City of King Midas / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

This month we’re going to be Harvesting 2014 to take stock and get prepared to plan for our 2015 art biz year.

I want you to practice self-praise when you begin to Harvest 2014.

When you approach your successes and accomplishments in 2014 – throw off the hindrance of humility and be brave, be bold, be proud.

Every accomplishment is a win to be celebrated – nothing that you did last year was unimportant or inconsequential.

  • Changed your header? WIN.
  • Put a link in your sidebar to your newest work? WIN.
  • Made a Facebook page? WIN.
  • Made a Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest account? WIN.
  • Posted irregularly on any of your networks? WIN. (No, it’s not regular consistent posting – but it’s not NOTHING either – good for you.)
  • Created several new pieces of art? WIN. (No, it’s not the grand 30 piece series you were hoping for, but it’s several new pieces that you didn’t have last year – WIN.)

You will be amazed at how much you actually did accomplish this year if you’re willing to let go of this “unworthy – not good enough” crap and start celebrating everything that you’ve done, instead of thinking about it as not worth mentioning.


Harvest everything you’ve done and congratulate your self for doing it.

I guarantee that it’ll help you plan out a more amazing 2015.


Be brave. Be bold. You add beauty to the world. We need you.

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