Photo-Courtesy-of-Terrance-Lam-300x199Getting paid can sometimes be a problem for artists.

Getting paid fairly for our contributions is a refrain I hear often – especially from new commercial artists.

Hyperallergic just published an article on a new enterprise called the W.A.G.E Certification Program. W.A.G.E (Working Artists and the Greater Economy) is seeking to model their programme on the Canadian CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation / Le Front Des Artistes Canadiens).

What I find most exciting about all of this is a previously unknown (to me) existence of a “minimum fee” schedule for artists. Yay!

Minimum Fees for Artists

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 5.51.04 PM

Head over to the W.A.G.E for minimum levels of compensation depending on the organizations Total Annual Operating Expenses.

They even have a Fee Calculator to figure out how much you should charge.


Head over to CARFAC for their Minimum Fee Schedule.

Hows this for a juicy bit:

“When your work is exhibited and it’s not for sale, you are supposed to be PAID.”

Who knew??

These are minimum suggestions. CARFAC encourages artists to regularly ask for more.

Share these links with your artists friends – especially those who are selling themselves short and not representing the industry with realistic price tags attached to their work.

Artists will never get paid a rate that is acceptable unless every single artist is willing to charge for their expertise and institute a minimum fee policy.

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