This is the awesome Tara Reed of the "Art Licensing Academy".

This is the awesome Tara Reed of the “Art Licensing Academy”.

What IS Art Licensing & WHY should you care?

Art licensing (along with merch, limited edition prints and mixed media multiples) tick all my “best practices” boxes for generating art revenue.

I’m a BIG supporter of putting in the work ONCE and getting paid for it repeatedly for as long as humanly possible. (ha!)

When I plan my art, promotions, classes and workshops, I do it from the overview of:

“How can I do this once and repurpose it for greater distribution &/or revenue options?”

This, is sexy thinking.

It may not be easy at first, but over time ideas for repurposing your art and re-packaging and re-arranging series and collections to fit and work in different markets will become a skill.

It is a valuable skill.

A skill that Tara Reed has been honing in her own art practice for the past decade.

Tara Reed is my Art Licensing guru.

She’s been licensing her art to manufacturer’s to put on their products since 2002. In 2008, she started teaching other artists how to do it for themselves.

I’ve participated in several of Tara’s classes and call ins and have never been disappointed by the content, delivery or her bright and positive attitude.


Think about everything you see in the retail market that has art on it… every single item was designed and created by an artist.


Beyond greeting cards – there is a whole wide world of manufacturing that needs artists to make their products amazing:

  • housewares
  • wall and floor coverings
  • textiles
  • gift and collectibles

These are giant categories, and this is now a global market… and these are just what I thought of on the spot.

This market is as big as there are products for sale.
I used to freelance for a manufacturer who made mats. My designs were used on several products and sold all over the world.

If licensing your art has ever been on your radar as an option, now is the time to invest in yourself. Tara has recently opened up the “Art Licensing Academy” for registration and put together a video of “Three Things You Need for Sustained Success in Art Licensing”:

If you think you’re ready to invest in and add another revenue stream onto your art biz – check out Tara Reed’s “Art Licensing Academy” and see if it’s something that fits with the future of your art biz.


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