I said it out loud.

Oooh, so serious. 😀

Sharing my beliefs is way more scary than sharing my life and emotional state. Have you noticed that I can’t seem to get away from autobio?

I’m still in process about what I’m doing with the comics. I just don’t know yet…

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    Taj says:

    Silly, the story isn’t over, just because there’s not as much conflict, doesn’t mean the autobio has to end. You KNOW you want to continue. Just continue, if you’re sick of the whole… maintenance thing, don’t do it. You don’t have to update regularly or sell books. Webcomics can lose their enjoyment when it becomes a chore. Do it for you.

    Lezley says:

    You’ve given me some good points to consider. The change in my home life has made it difficult to maintain a regular post schedule… and I’m wanting to change format and get away from the 3 panel strip… I’m still searching.
    Thanks for commenting – I enjoy hearing what people have to say and suggest about the process. Especially someone like you who’s been doing it too.

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