Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces

Of COURSE they are.

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Facebook is a public company whose first priority is to make money for it’s shareholders.

These social media companies are not interested in the lethal drop in exposure that the new “relevant content / ads first” algorithm will deliver to small businesses.

Just like the Facebook algorithm change – natural exposure will drop to about 10% of our followers seeing our posts.

instagram zuckerbergIf you want to retain eyeballs, you’ll have to pay for it.

Our eyeballs are the product that Social Media is selling

I’ve seen a few petitions going around to try and stop Instagram from instituting a Facebook-like algorithm. I can understand the panic a small business owner must have around the idea that a small change like that can drastically impact your bottom line – but no petition will stop this from happening.

The reality is that social media outlets are not interested in helping small businesses have access to free exposure. They’ve never cared.

Any free traffic we get from using their platforms is secondary to their desire to create an attractive sharing site that captures our attention.

Their product is our eyeballs. They sell those eyeballs to advertisers for dollars.

Until there is a better, more lucrative social media business model – THAT is the model that is making them money.

So, what now?

Well… we’re not all hanging out to dry completely.

What we need to do now is remind our followers to add us to their favourites list on Facebook and to turn notifications ON on our posts in Instagram.

Like this:


1. Open up your Instagram feed and click on the profile you want to follow.


2. Click on the 3 little buttons on the upper right hand side of the profile page.


3. Choose “turn notifications on” from the drop-down menu.


4. Success!!

And that’s about it.

Ask people to turn on notifications/add you to favourites.

Put out good content and ask people to share.

Also – put your website first. Make sure that you have a self-controlled, hosted hub on the internet where your products and information and promotion can live without any interference with the business decisions of others.

Your own domain and self-hosted website is STILL your most solid home base.

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