Go Ape! ©Jason Edmiston

Go Ape! ©Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston is an artist who has “done things right”, straight out of the art gate.

He’s been dedicated, focused and practicing, practicing, practicing his craft for over 30 years.

The results are obvious.

(I’ll be interviewing Jason for an in-depth podcast in March – stay tuned!)

In Progress

Currently, Jason’s progress pencils are on display at the Mondo ‘In Progress’ show (on until February 23 in Austin, TX).

Following in the WIP theme, I’m thrilled to premiere Jason’s process shots for Frankenstein, an ongoing series previously shown at the Universal Monsters show at Mondo in October 2012.

You can view the process shots for Dracula here.

That's Jason on the right!

That’s Jason on the right!

Frankenstein Process:

The finished awesomeness:

Fifteen - awesome!

Fifteen – awesome!

The gallery is listed in order from left to right.
Click on thumbnail for larger image.

You can connect with Jason Edmiston at his:

Check back next month for more!

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    I'm pretty excited about posting this. Jason Edmiston is a really incredible artist on a meteroic rise.

    He's been generous with his time and by providing me this INCREDIBLE step-by-step >>which you totally have to check out.

    Thanks Jason!

    Artist Sharlena Wood says:

    is he using gouache? incredibly beautiful work! <3

    Lezley Davidson says:


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