I don’t know many people that know about TED, and the one’s that I’ve told haven’t seemed very interested. Or they are interested, but then never follow up and actually watch. These are smart people. Smart people who are missing out. I LOVE TED.

TED are “Ideas Worth Spreading”… also “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” Got your attention yet? The best and brightest minds in Technology, Entertainment and Design (and business, education, science and global issues – but those don’t fit into the tight little TED acronym) gather yearly to give short talks on their subject of expertise. Usually running less than 20 minutes each, these are little droplets of inspiration that are most often rooted in the highest common denominator of unity, compassion, growth and evolution.

Go watch. Be inspired. Be transformed. Then tell someone else about TED.

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    Stephanie says:

    She’s holding a brain… and wearing gloves which make me think it’s a real brain… first thing Monday morning, let’s put on some gloves and play with brains…

    Is TED always this icky? Do they do different body parts in other episodes?

    Sorry.. it’s just squicky…

    You must watch more TED. MUST. WATCH. You of all people will enjoy the TED. Go now. Watch.

    Stephanie says:

    But…brains!? Is there an episode that has no brains? No other internal organs either? Maybe something safe, like a TED that’s about fluffy kittens?

    Jules says:

    I watched this woman speak about this before in a documentary. It was incredibly interesting to watch/listen to this amazing woman decribe her experience. Even though the human brain is her area of expertise it still mind blowing how she was able to distill all the information that she did while experiencing a stroke.

    I hope you didn’t stream the video at work… you know, there was a little slow down earlier this morning…


    I hate emoticons. Stephanie… make them go away…. :c

    Stephanie says:

    To Turn off Graphic Smileys
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    Go to your Admin Panel
    Select Settings -> Writing
    In the Formatting section, uncheck the box for “Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display”

    Alright. It’s done. I guess it won’t revert the already graphically oriented. :c
    (this is a test)

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