Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search

©Lilla RogersThis is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

And it’s totally legit.

This isn’t “Send your submissions because we’d like to use your art for free for our agenda – but look at all the exposure you’ll get” kind of bullshit.

This is an actual talent contest to win 2 years representation as a licensed artist with Lilla Rogers Studio in the UK and deals with several of her buyers.

This is SO exciting for SO many reasons.

The least of which, is that you might win.

©Lilla Rogers

Test the waters

©Lilla RogersIf you’ve been skulking around the edges of the licensing world, toying with package design, fabric or wall-covering designs, greeting cards or product licensing – why not use this opportunity to test your chops on actual assignments?

Use the contest as an opportunity to dip your toe into the licensing design process.

Handle the assignments in this contest like a client.

At the very least, you’ll have the experience of working on a product design from Lilla Rogers that will go into your portfolio.

You may be shortlisted for one, two or all assignments which looks great on your CV, will give you amazing portfolio pieces and create a buzz around you in the industry.

You might win. Someone has to. Why not you?

©Lilla RogersDeadline to register is May 26.

©Lilla Rogers

Try it.

This is how you begin to network and get your name and style of work out there into the world.

By participating. Taking risks. Being seen.

Just go for it.

Good luck.

©Lilla Rogers

You can dooooo it!


Let me know how it goes.

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    Interested in art licensing? Product packaging? Wall covering or fabric design?

    Lilla Rogers Studio is holding a GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH.

    Check out the deets and why I think you should JUST GO FOR IT.

    Lezley Davidson says:

    Thank you to @Elizabeth for directing me to the site!

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