KatiesFaceI can’t believe I haven’t featured Katie Cook yet.

She’s literally one of my favourite illustrators EVER.

I love every line and dot and tittle she makes. She could make Hitler so cute that you might want to forgive him…

Nope. Too far.

Recognizable Style

I can recognize a Katie Cook from across a crowded convention floor.

I used her very unique and original style as an example of how fan art can launch your own career with the big names in the industry. Check out that discussion here.

I’ve only ever purchased prints from Katie. The couple times I’ve seen originals they were either sold too fast or out of my price range.

Sadly, I never seem to be at the same conventions as dear Ms. Cook – but one day. ONE DAY – I will have me an original.


Enjoy the Sweetest Gallery:



You can find Katie Cook at:



Here’s an interview with Katie about Star Wars.


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