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Your list is the most important thing

I feel like I’m always harping on about this… but it’s true and I guess I can’t harp too much on things that are true and that can really make your biz go tits up if you’re not careful.

Social media isn’t a reliable traffic source.

Veronica had her Tumblr randomly shut down (not really random – they shut her down for “spam” but it was bogus.

Veronica knows.

Veronica knows.

She reposted a sale from one of her Tumblr accounts to another and she was marked as “spam… which makes me wonder – did Tumblr algorithms catch that or did someone mark it as spam? That’s scary… to think that someone that has beef – or is a competitor can shut down your traffic source just by clicking a button… NOPE.)

V was sh*tting her pants.

Tumblr had been a major source of traffic and always resulted in a bump in sales when she promoted. And now it was gone. WTF.

So, Veronica did what many of us have been doing all along – she contacted her mailing list.

Qualified peeps say ‘YAS’

Your email list are people who’ve already said yes to you and what you do. They’ve jumped the trust hurdle and have given you their email address. dislikebutton

This. Is the next level.

Screw likes and comments on Facebook and social media. The people on our list are the most primed to buy and ideally, a big part of our activity is devoted to caring for our list and making our list look appealing to those that visit our website.

People on your Contact List may not be on your Mailing List yet – but they could be.

There are many ways to remind people that you run a business that they’re interested in.

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