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What Is This?

So, you ready to dip your toe into this whole list building thing?


Ready to learn how to build an opt-in with MailChimp, use all the tools and connect with your audience easily?…

We’ll get you taking names and cashing cheques. (lol)

What’s in the box:


  • 33 daily classes:
  • 27 x videos (.mov) – step by step instruction on how to do everything you need to set up your list
  • 7 x MP3 audio classes focusing on marketing tactics and best practices to maximize the success of your email list.
  • 60 day class membership access >> to stream video &/or download all class materials.


Bite-Sized Manageable Bits

You won’t get overwhelmed with everything that’s required to create a functioning email list system. 33 Days of MailChimp breaks everything down into bite-sized, manageable pieces.

The videos all average around 15 minutes and can be consumed in order or not, depending on your fancy.

  • super easy learning
  • step by step recorded screen flow showing you how everything works and how to do it for yourself
  • pause, rewind & fast forward to whatever info you need
  • download videos & audio and access whenever you want – forever!


  • 29 step by step videos to create everything you need to build and connect with your list.
  • 4 audios filled with strategy and tips and advice for getting the most out of your opt-in tools and optimizing your connection with your list.


All the things valued at: $1174

Now forever free in the Library.

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**Same great information – but Mailchimp changed their user interface – these videos are recorded with an earlier version. Discount for you!**

Also included as part of The re:ACTion Lab.


Here’s a detailed list of everything that’s covered in 33 Days of MailChimp:
(the first 7 classes you can test run for free in the Library)

33 Days of MailChimp Index

1. Set Up Account & List
2. Set up Opt-In Form
3. Embed Opt-In > website & email
4. WP Plug-In -html for img class, math ratio
5. Wufoo Plug-In
6. Pop-Up
7. Opt-In Skin

8. Edit Button Text
9. Track Opt-In Location – html location script

10. Landing Page > Tactics MP3
11. Create Opt-In Landing Pages -Premise

12. Connect/Communication Tactics MP3
13. RSS to Email
14. Campaigns: -regular, plain text, A/B split test
15. Campaigns: social share, video post
16. Email templates: sidebar, postcard, mobile.

17. Autoresponder: Tactics MP3 – ***FYI the autoresponder function is no longer included in the Free Mailchimp account***
18. Autoresponder Set Up

19. Writing Campaign-styles, add link, email, file

20. Integrations > Strategy & Tactics
21. Auto-Connect Facebook
22. Add Etsy / Twitter / Paypal
23. Import Sales Contacts Info – Segmenting Tactics

24. How to Import Sales Contact Data with Segments
25. Clean Up Sign Up form after Import (do this right away!)

26. Segment & Groups >> Tactics MP3
27. How to Set Up Groups & Opt-In
28. Connect Groups to Wufoo & Create Instruction Field
29. How to Target Groups & Segments
30. Designer Forms for Groups & Segments

31. Reports Overview
32. Reports Drilldown
33. MailChimp Labs





We’ve also included a ChangeLOG on the Index page.

This is where I’ll add any changes to the Mailchimp site that I think may interfere with your ability to use 33 Days of MailChimp with easy peasy lemon squeezie simpleness.

Changes? …what changes?

How about changes to the INTERFACE that were introduced the DAY AFTER I finished recording all the videos for the class.
(yes… be sure to check out the ChangeLOG when you’re checking out your class.)

Yay Murphy’s Law, (you *@&%!).


THAT’S why there’s a ChangeLOG. (lulz)


Wrapped up with a bow

(there’s not really a bow)

  • Everything you need to create an entire email list communication and opt-in system.
  • Bite-sized, manageable, step-by-step bits.
  • Strategy, tips and tactics to optimize your efforts and grow your audience.


Not sure about the class or me or if it’s what you need? Test ride the first 7 lessons for free in the Library.



Still not sure?

This is probably the best thing that you can do for your business.

The earlier you begin to build your list and communicate value to them regularly, the quicker you’ll build a loyal list that will like you, vibe with your style and buy your stuff. (and that’s the plan, right? We’re trying to give people great stuff to love and buy).

All the things valued at: $1174

Now: $590 for 1 year membership.

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**Same great information – but Mailchimp changed their user interface – these videos are recorded with an earlier version. Discount for you!**

Also included as part of The re:ACTion Lab.


Why You Give a Sh*t

If you’re ready to build your email list, but don’t know where to start – this is the right place to be.

This class is the result of years of using MailChimp software to build my own list >> all wrapped up neat in 33 days. (and I had a bunch of people on my list ask me to make a class about MailChimp and list building – so I did)

List building is the #1 task you can do to grow your business. New qualified leads to your list is always a good and smart thing.

Icon - Free RedI want you to succeed and I believe in this class – so I want you to get started right now with the first 7 days of the class – free!

Just join the Library for immediate access.
(Who’s your Daddy?)


Done For You

  • This course is what I wish I had when I was starting out building my list.
  • Gone are the hours spent hunting, searching, reading and sorting on Google and forums try to find answers to my questions >> it’s all right here, organized and available.
  • Half the time I didn’t know what to search for – I didn’t even know the proper terms to use to find the answers I needed.
  • And I’ll make sure you’re updated on the regular with the ChangeLOG >> which highlights any major changes that happen to Mailchimp that may differ from the videos.
  • My commitment is to make it as easy and supportive for you as I can >> to make the process of building your list and communicating with your audience as simple (and fun) as possible.
  • Bonus: you also get to bask in the warmth of my quirky personality (you can decide whether this is actually a bonus or not – ha!)


Totally flexible viewing options

The class remains open for 60 days, which is ooodles of time to stream the videos and audio, or download them and have forevah.

  • We recommend the download option – just because… well, why not? Then you can refer back to the more advanced stuff after you’ve given yourself time to set up and become familiar with the basics.
  • The videos are in .mov format which is viewable on all devices – iPad, iPods (with video)… Just download the free Quicktime Player and you’re good to go on any device.
  • You can take your time and take it easy after you’ve downloaded the videos. >> You can pause, rewind, jump forward and have full control and not worry about some weird streaming shenanigans making you lose all your buffer and have to start the process again.
  • Streaming can be ballsack. When you download the videos – you open them and they play immediately >> no buffering, no accidentally closing the window and starting again, no trying to jump forward and then being stuck waiting… waiting… waiting…
  • You can see – I’m totally in favour of the download – but seriously >> you do whatever works best for you. If you want to stream – well, you go right ahead and stream!


Sometimes you don’t know what you just don’t know…


So you don’t even know what you should be looking for answers for.


  • I wasted A LOT of time wandering around on the internet trying to find answers to questions that I didn’t even know how to ask correctly:
  • I asked: “How do I know where people sign-up?” which gave me results about social network log-ins & helpful blog posts about email list building… fail.
  • The proper question is: “Tracking sign-up location?” >> who knew? Not ME… and probably not you right now either.
  • 33 Days of MailChimp gives you everything you need to get really, really GOOD at this list thing – and go really, really, really deep – when you’re ready.
  • Everything is here for you to be able to eventually put into practice… Even the stuff that you didn’t know you needed:
  • Like segmenting your list so that you can target the perfect right people for your current offer.
  • Like knowing how to import all your customers information into MailChimp so that you can even segment them in the first place!!

 Get all of this, right out of the box:


Strategy, Tips & Email List Advice that you didn’t know you needed…


  • We’ve also got 4 audio classes that focus in on key aspects of building your email list to help you maximize your efforts for the best results.
  • We talk opt-in landing pages, embed and pop-up strategies…
  • We also offer up a tonne of advice and best practices during the videos as we’re going through the process.
  • Do you know where the best place is on your site to maximize your opt-ins?*
  • Do you know the #1 mistake we all make when building our opt-in list?*
  • (answers can be found in 33 Days of MailChimp AND the Library)

  • 33 Days of MailChimp gives you easy to absorb, step by step solutions AND goes into strategy and tactics details for optimizing your opt-ins, creating opt-in landing pages, using segments & groups to target conversions, autoresponder tactics… and much more!
  • We show you how to build it and then give you the best info to the get the people coming.


Easy Learning Step-By-Step

Easy peasie, lemon squeezie.

One video a day… more if you’re hardcore.



  • download the video & audio so you can have it all the time, anytime
  • email support for the 60 Days the class is open.
  • offer resources and guidance that you can only get through experience
  • I wish I had these resources when I was starting my list.

      Not sure about the class or me or if it’s what you need? Test ride the first 7 lessons for free in the Library.

Still not sure?


This is truly the best foundation you can provide for your art biz and your list will continue to grow and support you for the life of your biz.


All the things valued at: $1174

Free forever in the Library!

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