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Photographing your art for the promotion and growth of your art biz doesn’t have to be an expensive, traumatic headache.

I hear from artists regularly who are ready to move forward with their career and exposure, but don’t have quality pictures of their art to work with.

Too many of them get stopped there and stay there because they don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on professional photographs… and they don’t know how to do it themselves.

There’s nothing magical about getting your art web ready.
You can TOTALLY do this.

If you’ve taken pictures with a point and shoot camera – you can take great quality photographs of your work… (okay, it’s not THAT simple – but seriously, if you can take photos – you’re half way there.)

Don’t let what you don’t know (yet), stop you from moving forward and creating the successful art biz of your dreams. If you’re an emerging artist ready to be pro-active about your art biz – then you’re ready for “WTF is a JPEG?”

What’s in the box

These are the videos you get and the areas covered in your “WTF is a JPEG?” course.


  • Equipment List:

    Goes through all the equipment, hardware and software you’ll need to get the best results. You are always given very low-cost (and often free) options to accomodate all budgets.

  • Photograph Your Art Outdoors:

    The quickest, cheapest way to get great lighting outside and whip up some fantastic art photographs.

  • Photograph Your Art Indoors + Small Products:

    Forget the sunshine – what happens when you’ve got a deadline? What do you do at night? You follow these directions and photograph indoors. With BONUS, small products mobile photography studio – this thing is awesome socks if you’ve got small products, jewellery, cards and envelopes, buttons or stickers…

  • Scan Oversize Images with Photoshop

    I prefer a scan, when I can get away with it. This video shows you how to get superior quality art images with art pieces up to 18″ x 18″! (You can actually go way larger, but you need to take the lid off your scanner… and make sure you’ve got a lot of memory on your computer to manage all the scans.)

  • Edit with Gimp

    Gimp is a ballsy free image software that can do a lot of the same stuff as Photoshop. This video shows you step by step how to clean up, edit and save for web using this free editing software. WHOO FREE!

  • Edit with Photoshop

    Using the full version or the WAY less expensive “Elements” version, we show you how to clean up, edit, resize and save your images for use on the web.

  • Edit with Photoshop II

    I ran into some trouble with my photos and show you step by step how to remove unwanted “surprises” and get fantastic looking art photos with even the most unsatisfactory beginnings.

  • Image SEO for WordPress

    This video shows you how to optimize Google search to make your images more searchable on the web. Description tags, titles, copyright, file info and metadata help you get your artwork found and protected.

  • Watermark Your Artwork

    For added protection, we show you how to simply and effectively add a © watermark to your image. Share your art with confidence on the internet because everywhere it goes- it’s got your copyright on it.


Smileys for you.

Smileys for you.

I am the queen of over-exposure on the webcam.


You decide.

WTFLogoCutAWAYThis is a low-stress, go at your own pace way of learning a skill that will benefit the growth of your art biz for years to come.

All the videos are step-by-step and screen capture on the computer (where necessary) to show you exactly where you need to click, what needs to be opened and what tools need to be used to get great quality images to promote your art online.

Everyone has their own way of learning. Some people like to skim and then jump right in. Others would prefer to absorb all material and understand the whole process from start to finish.

“WTF is a JPEG?” accommodates many styles of learning.

The course will stay open for 30 days. You can stream the videos online or download them and view them on your own timetable, at your own convenience.

We highly recommend the download option, just because it has the most flexibility and the best playback experience.



Quick and easy wins.

You’re busy. Your time is valuable.

You juggle a lot of responsibilities in your life – in addition to your growing art biz, you’ve likely got at part-time job to consider, not to mention your daily household responsibilities (laundry and dishes are always clammering to get done – the jerks).

Add a relationship and kids to the mix and you really don’t need something else to be a struggle.

Getting beautiful images to move forward with your art career doesn’t have be a hassle. You shouldn’t have to try and sync schedules with someone else, or lug all your work across town to a studio.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

CoverScanWEB“WTF is a JPEG?” takes you from start to finish and covers everything that you’ll need to create gorgeous, sharable art images that will look fantastic online AND be create files fit to print.

Get your images out into the world.

Get your images out into the world and searchable by Google.

Get your images out into the world, searchable by Google, with proper copyright, file info and metadata to protect and connect back to your talent and vision.

You make beautiful art. You have vision to share. We can show you how.

Once you learn how to turn your art into gorgeously sharable images online – you’ll always know.

And you’ll never have to pay for that again.


Quality photos don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


Invest in yourself.

CoverWTFInvest in yourself. Invest in your art biz.

This course is a low cost, DIY alternative to very expensive professional photo services – with amazing results!

Keep your money in your pocket and invest in the growth of your art biz.

Invest in your own development as an artist an entrepreneur.

Grow your art biz by taking control of the production of your reproductions.
Take control over the creation of your art images.

Put the power back into your own hands with the knowledge to get it done yourself.
And get it done amazing.

This is the difference between a scan without editing (left) and one that’s been brought back to it’s original brilliance (right).


You are the creative source.

This is your art biz. This is your vision.


You decide when the photos get done.

You decide how they’re going to look.

YOUR art biz. YOUR art vision.

You need to steer the final look of your art because that will be what represents you and your biz to the world.

The images that you take and edit to perfection will be your best promotion tool to gain exposure and grow your art biz and success.

Cinderella Mural2

This sucks. No one should put this picture in a portfolio.

Images of your art work should be ready to go anywhere:

  • on your website
  • on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+,
  • in the press/media section of your website
  • online magazines, interviews and articles about your art and events
  • to and for galleries
  • for application for shows and events

Do you think the image above is going to be usable in any of those situations? What about an image with flash glare or bleached out by the scan or the flash?

©Lezley Davidson, Green Sprout, 2013, 8 x 8, mixed media      @Lezley Davidson, Burgundy Flowers, 2013, 6 x 12, mixed media      ©Lezley Davidson, Maroon Flowers, 2013, 8 x 8, mixed media

Your images speak for you and your art before you will ever get the chance. They need to showcase your talents and your unique vision of the world.

You are the best person in the world suited to determine exactly how your artwork should look when being shared in public.

“WTF is a JPEG?” will show you how.


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