Business Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs ~ 1 hour

~ Answering the questions. Making the wings. ~


…the wings are for you.


If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.
~Henry Ford


You’ve probably got a lot of questions

That’s good.


That’s where the hour coaching call works best.

YOU have lots of questions.

I have LOTS of options.

WE were made for each other.


If you don’t know what to ask and you don’t know how to make it better – try Your Next 6 Months.
That’s where I do all the poking around in your biz and tell you what you should be doing to turn things around.


“I don’t know what to do next.”

Is what I hear from every client I’ve ever coached (and I’ve been doing this since 1998).

You may have been running your creative biz for 6 months or 6 years when suddenly – you can’t seem to grow any more.

Or no one wants to sign up for your list.

And you’re definitely not getting the sales you need to sit comfortable.

Maybe you’re losing hope.

Don’t lose hope – you found me. Better now.

You don’t know what needs to be the priority.

You’re not sure where to focus to get the returns you want and need.

You’re confused.

The internet is filled with all the information that anyone could want – but is it right for YOUR creative biz?

Your collectors?

You run an art business.

You don’t sell widgets. You’re not an “internet marketer”.

You’re not looking to burn your list or hard sell or feel like a smarmy oil salesperson.


And I’m sure you’re tired of doing the same old thing and getting no further ahead.

I get it. I can help.

lightbulb 128x128I’ve got answers for you.

I’ve got options for you… a lot of options, and we’ll find just the thing that’ll get you excited about promoting your art again.

I’ve been doing this work since 1998.

I started out doing it informally with the customers at my previous day job.

For 17 years I worked for a large art supplies retailer.
I spent my days with artists – talking art, art supplies, art business and marketing.

I was a valued source for information for my customers when they needed answers about art materials and art business.

Jason Edmiston, Herbert Pryke, Cynthia Liu, Peter Chan, Shane Kirshenblatt, Kwame Delfish, Derek Wicks, Marianne Broome, Shane Heron, Keith Thirgood, Georgia Fullerton, Daniel Jean-Baptiste and many others were part of an ongoing conversation around best practices for the growth of their art business.

When asked for information, they could count on me to find an answer – or direct them to someone who would know.

Your success is my purpose

You can count on me to support you.
meBigStare circle
Helping you live bravely and follow the truth of your desire to live by your creative works is MY passion.

I care most in this life about helping creatives like you live your truth, fully & without compromise.

I help you by filling the gaps in your business knowledge so that you can flourish.

My purpose in life is to support you so you can thrive in your life’s work.

Be excited about business again

Yay flags guyWork with me and be excited about your business again.

Maybe you’ll be ‘not so thrilled’ about cold calls or pitching (no one is), but you WILL be excited about the options and the opportunities that have opened up for your biz because of our call.

Feel self-assured in your ability to affect change in your business – you will have many options and opportunities to test.

Your art career is in focus and you feel supported, encouraged and confident in your value as a kick ass artisan with a kick ass business plan.

We do kickass around here.

We do kickass well.

From here to there is not a straight line

Demetri Martin, "This is a Book"

Demetri Martin, “This is a Book”

I know it’s hard to believe that it can be different than it is right now – especially when right now is such a struggle.

It sucks to work a day job and spend most of your energy working for someone else’s dream then ignite the fumes to work your creative job in your left over time.

It’s even more difficult when you have a family. Snatching time wherever you can grab it to connect to your passion and create your work.

Even when the side creative hustle becomes the main gig – it’s not all red wine & roses.

It’s difficult to be living on your art but not have steady or reliable income.

From month to month it can be a stress to budget – one month it’s sushi and Starbucks and the next its ramen and reused tea bags.

I really feel how sucky it can be to not be able to just buy anything you want from the art store.

It’s worse than rationing groceries.

It’s rationing creativity.


It can feel like you’re
not good enough.

It can feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something.
It can feel like you’re not making good work –

because if you really were making good work the business part would be easy, right?





That’s a lie.

The business part is no easier than the creation part.

Have you ever had someone off-handedly comment about how easy it must be to work as an artist or a creative?

They have this idea that you swan into the studio at 11, ‘whip up’ an illustration and call it a day at 3?

Then you just hold out your hand for everyone to lay stacks of cash in exchange for your art.

“Artists have it so easy.”


Please, please… just give me a minute to catch my breath and wipe my tears.

I don’t know a single artist, creative or artisan that doesn’t struggle like hell over their work.

There are moments in the creative process when it is effortless and we are held in the embrace of spirit and the work is done not by us, but through us…

Every one of those moments is earned with the sweat and struggle to not only master our craft but transform all of our own crap that gets in the way –

In the way of connecting, seeing and allowing the light to shine forth from source to touch our work with it’s majesty.

We clear the same crap that hinders our ability to work business clarity from the heart.


Your work is good, you can do this.

courage__dear_heart__by_eugeniaclara-d8sl3kiStop covering old ground and start stretching into areas that will actually help you grow.

There are opportunities everywhere that can push your biz forward.

You’re excited to try.

Feel empowered to know that your ability to grow your biz is directly connected to how willing your are to pitch your work & promote yourself.

It’s nerve-wracking… but it’s a challenge – one that you’re excited to try because you can do it in a way that is good for you and your customers.

There is nothing more energizing than seeing your collector base grow. More signups to your list, more visitors at your events and more sales of your work.

It’s a good feeling and it’s the result of your bravery. Your success is a direct result of your willigness to endure discomfort for your truth and freedom.

Click here to see a call in action:


Sharlena Wood Coaching Calls
Shar and I were working on “Your Next 6 Months”… but it’s still a good feel for
how a call can go with me.



The call was very helpful and gave me lots of information as well as things to think about. I’ve become more excited about combining interests into money/art making opportunities (like prop making objects from my own stories to sell).

The call was also a nice mix of casual while still remaining on topic.
I get extra excited about things I can make as well as how I can get others excited about them, and sell them to them.
I would highly suggest booking a conference call with Lezley after giving some deep thought to what they want to accomplish (and making sure they take advantage of it by having plenty of questions).

~ Francesca Rowan, Comic Artist & Illustrator


$198 $110

Book with Me

So, what’s in the box?


How does this coaching thing work?

Video or Just Audio – your choice

Skype-logoMost of my clients seem to prefer video.

It’s up to you – whatever you’re comfortable with.

We use Skype – it’s free for both of us and we can avoid toll charges.

I’m in Canada – you can be anywhere in the world!

I understand why my clients prefer video. Coaching is intimate.

There is much trust and vulnerability involved in working with someone so closely on a subject that is so important to you.

My clients want to see my face.

And frankly – it’s better if I can see your face too. (But not mandatory.)

It’s been really helpful to establish rapport and for me to gauge reactions and change gears if it seems like we’re going off the rails.
I’ve also been able to stop and clarify.

Not everyone feels comfortable interrupting – especially when they don’t understand what I’m saying.

Maybe I’ve rattled off some industry term that makes zero sense to you – I can put a stop to the session and ask if you have questions or clarify some stupid buzzword and use real language that real people speak to one another.

If you don’t have Skype you can get a free account here.

I can also call you or we can use a conference line – where you call in and use a password to gain access to the call.

It’s all doable.

Hit Record

record-97627_960_720I record our session together and make it available in a day or two in a private Dropbox link for you to download and have forever.

This has been one of the most long-lasting benefits of a coaching call.

We just don’t take in everything that’s said over an hour call.

Even notes aren’t enough.

There are nuggets that are missed – either because we aren’t ready for them so they skim over our consciousness. Or because we’re too invested in what was just said and totally missed hearing it altogether.

My own experience is the same.
I’ve been profoundly grateful for the recordings of coaching calls with my own mentors.

Re-listening to them a year or sometimes three later reveals all kinds of advanced options that I can put into practice now, that I wasn’t ready for when the call happened.

1 Hour + Robust Take In Questionnaire

An hour doesn’t sound like much – but it’s plenty when paired with my in-take questionnaire.

We can get a tonne of focused work accomplished and questions answered and plans in place once you’ve identified the weak spots of your biz and the goals you have for your creative future.

Light Email Support

I like to offer some “after support” for coaching clients.

Often times you need clarification or have a small question you want answered – go for it.

I welcome that and definitely would love to hear how you’re making out with your plan.

I probably won’t be giving any in-depth explanations – but I don’t want you to feel unsure right out of the gate.

Shoot me an email and we’ll set you straight on the path.
So, if you think you’re ready to take the next step and make conscious, directed decisions and strategies about your art biz, click the button and book our call!
SmileForward MeAfter you book, you’ll be redirected to a page that gives you all the information and step by step instructions on how to schedule our call >> you can choose any available time slot that’s open!

I’ll also have a questionnare for you to fill out, so that I can do my homework on you and get prepared to do the best for you on our call.


Book with Me