Free! “I Wish Someone Had Told Me’

~ 18 Ways to Stop Procrastinating & Get Creating ~


I think we’re probably told – we just don’t listen.

After being an artist for 35 + years and teaching art for over 20 years – I wanted to compile together all the good advice I had already ignored for most of my life.

I was 40 and I was starting to hear echoes in my head of long ago forgotten advice pop up again and actually make sense.
Youth is wasted on the young.
If you’re interested in the kind of “get creative” advice that says:
“Trust me – you’re probably better than you think you are.” and “Sleep on it – it’ll look better in the morning.” and “Stop comparing yourself to others” and “Kick the critical voices to the curb.” you’ll probably dig this.

Plus, it’s free so you’re not out very much.

Just time.

Trust me, it’s good. It’ll help calm you the f*ck down so you can be creative and have fun.

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