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33 Days Mailchimp Sidebar 
Except this is the Free version & it’s only 7 videos.

That’s what happens when I’m too lazy to make another promotion image. It’ll do.

The most important thing

I harp on this a lot – but your mailing list really is the most important part of the finances side of your biz. I believe that it is SO important, that

Veronica knows.

Veronica knows.

I want you to have the setup part for free.

Go. Take it. Make a Mailchimp account and set up your sign-up forms. Hurry. Do it now. Don’t wait.

Go. NOW.

I mean it.

Veronica knows.


The Library too

When you sign up for your free MailChimp StartUp – you’ll also gain access to The Library.

The Library has more valuable free content and lessons that become available page by page over a 5 week period.

Library Access:

  • Week 1: How to Set up a Mailchimp account << this is what you're getting
  • Week 2: FanExpo Package + More Sales
  • Week 3: Organization + Planning
  • Week 4: Promote your Biz with YouTube
  • Week 5: The Marketing Stuff + Archive

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